Monday, September 20, 2010

fun with grandpa - 09/20/10

Today Grandpa and I were talking about birthdays - today is one relative's, he mentioned someone else's on Oct. 7, "and someone else has one on December 19!" 
"My birthday's on the 16th, Grandpa." 
"December!  December 19!" 
"No, December 16." 
"You changed it!"

Someone called and said they'd like to come over to visit Gpa today.  When I told him the visitor was coming, Grandpa said, "Good for him!  I'll give him a medal."

Grandpa and his male visitor had a nice, chatty visit - I was in the room, but worked on the newspaper's crossword puzzle most of the time.  Somehow their conversation turned to women and how much they talk!  Then they both turned their heads and looked at me.  I slowly raised my eyebrows at them and pointed to my SHUT mouth.  Well, it was shut until I stuck my tongue out at them.

Today we watched part of "My Darling Clementine" on TV. (Gpa is being very good-natured about the new fall TV season which does not include any episodes of "I Love Lucy"!  If they take away Andy Griffith too, we may have a problem.)  One scene reminded Gpa of a memory:  "I used to know a guy that drank so much one time he threw up and his false teeth fell into the toilet and he flushed them."  This sharing of memories is just one of the reasons I love to spend quality time with Grandpa.  :)

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