Friday, September 17, 2010

fun with grandpa - 9/17/10

Yesterday Grandpa asked me if I had any tulips.  I started to say no, when I remembered he used to pull this joke on me when I was little (two lips).  He also likes to tell his son to take an extra pair of pants when he goes golfing in case he gets a hole in one.  (When you're 93 you can get away with bad jokes.)  This a.m. Grandpa told me his tulips ate his cream of wheat at breakfast and he didn't get any.  I told him that was terrible, and for lunch I'd duct tape his tulips so he could have his soup.  "Oh no you won't!!!"  When he asked for pudding after lunch, he described it as having white hair.  "Where's the brown?" I asked.  "On the bowl."  So I turned the bowl upside down, put a dollop of pudding on its base and added a squirt of whipped cream.  "You said on, not in!"  He thought that was pretty funny; we're easily amused.

A woman we know is going on a trip and she asked gpa what he wanted as a souvenir.  "You don't have to do that," he said.  "Just bring me a quarter."  "A quarter?" she asked.  As if she had asked a dumb question, he replied, "Yeah, you know, the one with George Washington on it."

He was in the mood for silliness today.  Sometimes I help him get his sweatshirt on, and when I gathered up the sleeves and held it out to him today, he dived his hands through the neck hole and laughed.  Someday I'm just gonna' put the shirt on like that.  He got our favorite hospice worker good today - in preparation for helping him stand, she took the pillows he uses to prop himself up, put them on the couch, then went back to gpa, bent over, and asked if he was ready.  He whipped a water gun out from under the blanket covering his legs and got her good!  We practiced a little before she got there, and he fumbled a bit, but when it mattered he was like James Bond!  Naturally, when she asked if that was my idea, Grandpa ratted on me.

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