Saturday, November 6, 2010

it's going to be one of those days...

I can't complain too much, because a friend of mine woke up today to find her kitchen flooded and leaking into the basement, then the floor/ceiling fell in.  Great excuse for a new kitchen, I say!  I don't think she and her husband are at that stage yet.

After a month of living with my aunt & uncle, I decided to finally open some mail.  No one fun knows my street address, so why read it?  Well, I got a nice surprise from my car insurer - a check for $3.84 - woo hoo!  'What's this for,' I wondered, 'Being a super-duper driver?'  Nope.  "The attached refund is a result of the termination of your policy.  If you have any questions, please contact your agent."  If you are still breathing, please contact your agent.  If you no longer want to play fast and loose with the law, please contact your agent.  If you retain any sense whatsoever of the need for car insurance, please contact your agent. 

My former landlord misses me, too.  He wasn't too pleased with the condition I left the house in.  (I left it messy because the carpet had to be replaced anyway, and I'd found mold when I was moving, so I figured other stuff would need to be ripped out - really.)  He knew I wasn't expecting my deposit back, but he thinks I should pay more.  I'm going to send him copies of the receipts for the fence I paid for and a check for the difference and hope that ends things.  If not, I'll have to play the "at least I didn't leave a dead body, meaning mine, rotting in the house because of all the mold" card.  I've never played that one before.

Oh, goody!  Somehow I overpaid my final bill to the city by about $25.00.  I hope auto-guy sends me a check without chatting me up too much.

OH GOODY!  Due to "a changing financial services landscape" my bank has "made modifications to our account offerings.  Our effort has been designed around rewarding our customers for their expanding relationship with the bank."  Your bank's probably made changes, too.  Due to my "expanding relationship," my savings account now has to have a daily minimum balance of $300 instead of $200, or else it charges a fee (that's going up, too).  I currently have $7.00 in my savings account.  In a few minutes, I will no longer have a savings account.

That's why I don't open mail.

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