Thursday, December 23, 2010

could grandpa be spoiled?

Poor Grandpa.  He's extra chatty today and I'm trying to buy car insurance online.  I can barely do that with no distractions, much less the TV and chit chat.  But I want to be with him - we both like that - so I just keep saying "Huh?" and "What?" and Grandpa keeps repeating everything.  He's resting now - I think I wore him out.

He had plenty of energy to demand his dessert, though.  When he finished his soup he said, "I think I'll have some white on brown."  "Okay, just a minute," I said, as I - okay, at this point I was just waiting for a picture to load on Facebook.  Grandpa allowed a minute to go by, then started banging his soup cup on his TV tray.  "I'm coming, hang on!" I said, and he laughed.

After lunch he worked on a word search puzzle.  "Okay, now I'm looking for 'pinch.'"  "You need a pinch?" I said.  "Yes.  I mean NO!"  Later:  "I can't find 'howl'.  I need 'howl' and 'pinch'."
"Are you asking me for help or just talking?"
"I'm howling for help."
I looked for a bit and pointed to the H in 'howl'.  He circled the word then said, "Now 'pinch'."
I pinched him gently on the arm.  "Hey!  I didn't say pinch me!"
"You said 'pinch'!"
"Yeah, well you'd better watch out when I find it."

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