Monday, December 20, 2010

stuff I saw that made me cringe

I was so proud of my fellow Wichita drivers the other night as we all drove, cautiously, through the flashing yellow lights instead of stopping at them - good job, everyone!  Then there were two sets of lights working normally, then there were two sets of flashing red lights, which about half of my fellow drivers drove straight through, and I couldn't blame them!  Are the EMTs bored?  Does the study have anything to do with who has the stupidest ideas in the city planning department?

Naturally, since the city's playing mind games, today we stopped again at all the yellow lights.  And even though I'm wearing my monkey slipper socks that my niece gave me because they make me happy, I lost it, threw my arms out, and shouted my wisdom to the universe, "IT'S YELLOW!  KEEP GOING!!!"

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