Thursday, October 7, 2010

fun with grandpa and misc. - 10/07/10

This morning as Grandpa got settled into his chair and went through his usual routine, I handed him the newspaper.  "Well, how did you know what to do?" he teased.  "Don't sound so surprised!" I said, then started to walk away.  Grandpa laughed and pointed to his wrist - I had forgotten his watch.  "Okay, I guess you can be surprised."  I think he enjoys my mistakes way too much.

Grandpa was telling someone today about how he used to walk a lot, but couldn't do as much now.  "At least I move around more than Winnie the Pooh," he said, pointing to a stuffed Pooh in a small chair, both of which hold fond memories for him.  The visitor said, "Winnie's tied to the chair!" (otherwise he falls out).  "Oh yeah, no wonder...." Grandpa said.

Grandpa looked through one of his photo albums this morning, then later as I was clearing his lunch dishes he said, "You know what?  I'm spoiled."  "Why's that?" I said.  "See that album?" he said, pointing to a different one, "I can't remember what pictures are in it."  "Is that supposed to be a hint?" I asked.  Grandpa smiled a cat-that-caught-the-bird smile (how does that phrase go?) and said, "Yep."

Odd sight of the day:  a truck towing a wood chipper with "Bandit Industries" painted on the back and, right underneath that, a "CRIME STOPPERS" bumper sticker.

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