Wednesday, October 13, 2010

fun with grandpa this week

Grandpa told me a joke about a man who got false teeth and couldn't stop talking.  He went to the doctor and found out they were women's false teeth.  I picked up a pillow, and he took off his hat so he could get properly (but still gently) bopped!

Later a friend showed up with gifts for me and Gpa from her recent trip.  I got a candle holder with a heart cut out on one side.  The friend said, "It's because Kerri's got a big heart."  I turned to Gpa and said, "What'd you get, a mouth?"  He smiled and kept unwrapping his own present (a ceramic bowl; I was close).

He's getting more used to the beard, but it's still a bit strange for him.  Yesterday he mumbled something about it and I asked if it was bothering him, and he said not really, he just doesn't like how the hair flaps in and out when he breathes.  :)

I had a jacket on with the sleeves pushed up and I asked Grandpa to push up his own sleeves for his lotion med.  "Wanna' box?" he said.

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