Saturday, October 16, 2010

joyful (and other) recent moments

Best sign:

These people got my attention; too bad I'm all stocked up on garbage.

(my) Best domestic efforts since...the 90's?
last night:  made dinner for 3!  actually cooked!  no one's ill!
today:  figured out how to tuck the longer panels of the curtains up so the room is lighter, and my changes don't look stupid!  (my uncle made me the "JOY" letters years ago - they've been a cherished reminder to welcome joy ever since)

Best rhyme:
Grandpa had whipped cream on lemon pudding instead of chocolate yesterday.  As I handed him the bowl, I said, "Here's your white on yellow."  "Quite a fellow!" he quipped back.  He is, indeed.

Biggest lesson:
As I tucked a big pillow behind Grandpa the other day in the recliner, I inadvertently pulled the back of his sweatshirt down too, which pulled the front of it against his neck.  "Aack!" he laughed.  "You're choking me!"  "Oops!  Sorry about that!"  Note to self:  don't strangle Grandpa.

Best sights:
Watching "Papa" (my uncle) stand behind and support his grandson as he walked on a pair of stilts for the first time.

This hand-cut design from China that a friend gave me:

Biggest celebration:
The rescue of the miners in Chile - what an amazing story.

"We are living in a world that is absolutely transparent, and God is shining through all the time."
Thomas Merton

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