Thursday, March 31, 2011

2 great years

On April Fool's Day this year, my student N. and I will celebrate two years of tutoring together.  I like him so much I've decided to drag things out so that someday I'll be tutoring him on how to join the AARP.

In true N. & Kerri/April Fool's Day fashion, I bought him a special present:  a t-shirt of his very favorite pop star.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the shirt in his size (or even in the boys' section), so I decided to frame it.  Also unfortunately, the dollar store didn't have any frames deep enough to hold a t-shirt, so I had to put rubber bands on the ends to hold it together.  I worked really hard on this one.

N., the dear child, was thrilled when he unwrapped his present.

N's family owns an operates stables, so at the end of our lesson today we walked out to the pasture together and worked on building N's verbal expression skills by talking about the horses.  He was telling me about one horse and I said, "Which one is it?"  N. pointed to a line of four horses and said, "That one."  "Which one?" I said, pushing him to use more details.  "That one," N. said and pointed again, believing, based on personal experience, that I am an idiot.  "I see those four horses; which one of the four is ---?"  N. pointed again, fairly dancing on his toes, "THAT ONE RIGHT THERE!!!"  Fortunately for N, the horses started to walk toward us and he was able to explain to his ditz of a tutor which horse he had been describing for 5 minutes.  It was wonderful to watch N. with the horses; he's got horseback riding in his blood, and the love between him and the animals is mutual.  He told me he comes out sometimes and sits on the fence and just watches the horses for a while.  One time he was mad, and he went outside and got on a horse and laid down and took a nap.  I'll have to get pics.

N, I can't put into words how amazing I think you are, but I'll try:  funny, quick-witted, way too good-looking, goofy, kind, loving, and a joy to be with.  You are a kindred spirit, and every time I am with you you encourage me, make me laugh, make me think, and make me happy.  I love you lots and lots!

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