Saturday, March 5, 2011

flashes of genius at the dollar store

I simply had to go to the dollar store yesterday.  Was in the mood to browse, so I wandered through the Easter and toy areas before going to...what was I going to get there...?  Oh well.  When I saw the camoflauge-patterned Easter baskets I winced - the thoughts of war and Easter don't really go together for me, but then I thought:  camo eggs.  Of course!  I'm sure someone else has already thought of them, but it just makes so much sense!  Wish I'd thought of it years ago when I used to hide eggs for the younger kids at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Then I saw a slingshot with a water ball in the pool toys area.  Ta-da!!!  Another great idea!  I could shoot the ball down to the end of my lane, swim with the slingshot to retrieve the ball, shoot, etc.  Then I pictured myself using it with no glasses and my gift for klutziness:

Besides, once I'm at the pool I don't need motivation to move.  It's getting out of bed and showering that I'm less than fond of.  I wish I'd been born a bear, or some other hibernating animal.

Then another flash of genius!  My Girl Scout cookies just arrived.  I could shoot Thin Mints from my bed to my door - that would get me hustling!  Then I realized this would be the real scenario (I'm pretty sure it's not a coincidence that my door in the 1st picture looks like the door to hell.):

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