Wednesday, March 30, 2011

grandpa's new digs

Grandpa's been doing very well lately, gaining back a little weight and strength.  We've been able to expand his living area to include a separate bedroom.  I had the job of Decorating Helper.  Partly because Grandpa nominated me for the position, and partly because no one else would do it.  Now, we love Grandpa, and we love to help him.  But our family can be a bit obsessive-compulsive sometimes.  For example, I just Googled "obsessive-compulsive" to make sure I had the hyphen right.  Wait - is that how you spell "obsessive"?  Yeah, okay.  Grandpa likes to have his things arranged just so, the definition of "just so" being "just exactly how I want it at this moment, to a fraction of an inch, so get started."  Last October Grandpa nearly drove mom batty when he wanted the pumpkin we'd painted with the New York Yankees logo turned to face the wall when they lost in the playoffs.  She tried every configuration she could think of, and Grandpa kept saying no, no, like this, etc.  Mom thinks that by the time he was happy with the pumpkin it was in the same position she tried initially, except that she had turned the pumpkin clockwise instead of ccw.  Or vice versa; I don't know if Gpa wanted it lefty-loosey or righty-tighty.  Anyway, he can be a bit picky.  It runs in the family.  Quit touching my blog.

When we found out Grandpa was going to have another room, I was very excited to fix it up any way he wanted it. 

Unfortunately, I only got to hammer in 5 nails and use a bunch of sticky tack.

When I put the first picture where he wanted it, I stayed up against the wall and melodramatically refused to move until Grandpa was sure it was straight.

Grandpa laughed and had me adjust it just once.  After that, he laughed again and said, "I'm not going to check if it's straight anymore."  And he didn't.  Everything else I put up was "just fine."  That is until I walked into the room later, turned the corner, and nearly fell over because the John Deere sign was so crooked.  I went ahead and fixed it - only needed to move and rehammer the right nail about 3 times...or was it 5?  Ended up with a cozy niche in the wall....Have you seen The Shawshank Redemption?  Yeah.  Hopefully Grandpa will outlive me.  Or Dad.  Just as long as the sign stays where it is until then.

Grandpa wants to play an April Fool's joke on Dad this Friday.  Maybe I'll give Grandpa the power tools...

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