Thursday, September 1, 2011

13 items in my welcome basket from heaven

I saw this picture on another blog today and had to steal share it with you:

What would you like in your heaven welcome basket, assuming you get there, hee hee?  My dream basket would have:

 1.  Johnny Depp
 2.  chocolate
 3.  I'll take a bottle o' water-to-wine!
 4.  Johnny Depp
 5.  more seasons of Firefly!  Yes!
 6.  camera and space suit for space exploration - (would I need a space suit?)
 7.  underwater camera and diving gear for deep-sea exploration
 8.  a miracle for learning all world languages in a day
 9.  tickets for a tour of the worlds
10.  Johnny Depp
11.  puppies!
12.  all-access pass to visits with Henri Nouwen, Abraham Lincoln, Annie Dillard (I don't think she's dead yet but I have dibs on first in line), Spock, and many others.
13.  journal and pen

This picture and idea came from W.T.F. - a hilarious site!  (W.T.F. stands for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday you potty heads.)  Thank you, W.T.F!


And thank you, Thursday 13 for another fun meme!


  1. i'll take the ability to fly, the ability to whip up amazing pastries, most notably cupcakes, a porsche or mustang that runs on vegetable oil and a hand-stitched suit. for starters:)

  2. lol this really made me laugh! I liked the unicorn rides (sqeeee!!!) and John Lennon's new album.

    I see you slightly like Johnny Depp, too :-) Thanks for playing!

  3. This is so clever thank you for your kind comments today some were not so kind.The Depp Effect is a blog from across the sea in love with Johnny too

  4. I'd like to be met by my great grandma and Caroline, an afghan hound I used to have. Not sure they'd fit in a basket, but if you have three Johnny Depps? I'll also hop in that Annie Dillard line with you.

  5. OMG I would so be all over that seasons 2-10 of Firefly! Gimme!!!

  6. I'd like to have numbers 8 and 12 too. I'll think up the rest as I test my wings to fly to other worlds.