Thursday, January 13, 2011

fun with grandpa

Grandpa and I still have fun with each other, although the funny times are getting fewer and farther between as Grandpa gradually sleeps more and as we progress through this new relationship we have.  There is a website about caregiving that lists steps in the process of caring for someone in this way.  The steps include deciding how care will be provided, "I'm helping," and "I'm still helping."  Grandpa could probably relate - "She's still here."  :)  Some days are like that, but I'm thankful for the new dimensions it gives our relationship.

A few weeks ago, Dad had wooden runners made for the stairs so we can get Grandpa upstairs (and down!) more easily.  Today Grandpa said to me, "Hey, I've got an idea.  Why don't you slide down those boards?" 
"Yeah, and get a splinter in my rear.  You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you?"
"No, I'd think it was dumb."

After lunch today, I moved the TV tray and helped Gpa re-settle in his chair.  "Are you comfortable?" I asked. 
"Yeah - I mean yes," he said. 
I hit his knee - "Are you (still) comfortable?"
"Yes, ma'am!"
I hit his knee again.  "Now are  you comfortable?"
"Aw, shucks."
Grandpa laughed and said, "You should be in the circus."

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