Friday, January 7, 2011

"little" blessings, big impact

Yesterday I left Grandpa's a little early and realized I'd be getting home right when my friend Ben got out of preschool.  As I'm sure you remember, he used to come visit for a bit after preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays until it was time to pick up his brother Sam at grade school.  So I called another friend, who just happens to be Ben's mom, and asked if Ben could come over.  She was signing Ben out, talking to someone, and had just changed purses and couldn't find her phone, so I had to leave a message.  (If mothers couldn't also be multi-taskers, what would this world be like??)  Anyway, Ben called me back and I asked him if he wanted to come over and play.  "Yeah!"  So Ben came over and caught me up on Legos and his mom and I caught up in general when we could fit words in edgewise.  Ben got on the Legos website, Mom left to get Sam, and Ben and I printed some pictures of Legos characters.  I had the brilliant idea of putting them in sheet protectors so they'd stay nice.  (Look for my "Nerds Having Fun" calendar coming out later this year - instead of pics, there will be fun tips like, "Make a list!"  "Make another list!"  "List your lists!", etc., and the month pages will be blank so you can draw your own lines and write in the numbers yourself - fun!)  Thought I'd commemorate the visit with camera phone pics - I'd like to say the quality of the pics is due to Ben moving, a rare Kansas earthquake, or your caffeine buzz (vs. mine), but you're probably smarter than that.  And can't you just hear Sam in that last one thinking, "Are you going to start pulling that thing out every time you see me?"  At least I don't pinch your cheeks, buddy.


Last week when I sat for Bella, I ate the family's entire box of Peppridge Farm assorted cookies - hey, the box was already open, one or two cookies were gone, and Christmas was over - what did they expect?  Today, our favorite hospice worker came to see Grandpa and brought me a belated Christmas gift - hot chocolate and...cookies!  I whooped in happiness and when Grandpa heard her coming down the stairs, he started clapping.  Y. always brings joy into our lives.  Then Grandpa asked her when she was going to hurry up and bring the batteries for the remote-control helicopter she gave him 2 weeks ago.  Taskmaster.

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