Monday, January 31, 2011

in pursuit of exercise

So, I need to exercise more.  I have plenty of time for that when I'm with Grandpa, but running around in little circles and up and down the stairs is getting old.  I've been told and have read for years that h...hou...housew...hang on, I can do this...housework can be a good form of exercise.  And Mom & Dad would love the help.  So this a.m. I finally gave in to my better nature and told Mom, "I'm looking for more ways to exercise here, and I'll probably kick myself for this later, but I was wondering if-"  "You wanna' vacuum?!" Mom interrupted hopefully.  I said yes, and she showed me where they keep the vacuum and dusting stuff, practically dancing around the house.

I haven't actually touched the stuff yet, but I'm getting to it.

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