Wednesday, February 2, 2011

how to: make a bank manager's day more interesting

Go through the bank drive-thru at the branch where a friend works (in an office across the lobby, not as a teller).  As the teller conducts your Actual Bank Business, think about things to yell into the microphone loud enough for your friend to hear.  Look at the teller window and see your friend walking toward it, presumably to say hello.  As your friend looks at you and smiles, aim your finger at him like a gun and squint.  As your friend continues to walk past the teller window, realize it is not your friend.  In fact, it is a woman.  In fact, it is the bank manager, who has blonde hair and glasses, like your friend, but really looks nothing like your friend.  Decide not to yell anything into the microphone after all.  Think about getting your eyes checked.

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