Saturday, April 24, 2010

Curses! 01/20/10

Today I walked into the teacher work room and one of my 1st-graders was working one-on-one with a para in there.  He said hi to me, then said to the para, "That's Miss Kerri.  She teaches me curses.  Watch!" Fortunately, after he demonstrated his new knowledge, the para realized he meant "cursive".  Later when I saw all my 1st-graders for class I asked them to say "cursive".  It turns out that they all say curses, curfice, or some variation thereof.  They often mix up f's, v's, and th's.  It was interesting to see that even when I wrote the word down and broke it into syllables and then letter sounds, they still couldn't say it.  Finally I said the h*** with it and moved on.  Ha!

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