Saturday, April 24, 2010

my baby, my bra, and other apparent topics of general interest 11/05/09

My 1st-grader told me again today to go ahead and have the baby already.  I explained that it wasn't a baby, it was fat from eating too much candy, and he said, "But I want you to have a baby."  My 1st- and 2nd-graders have asked me several times why I'm not married and don't have children.  The shock was hilarious when they first asked me in Sept. and I told them I was single and kid-less.  I'm messing up their worldview, and they just can't comprehend it! One student said, looking confused, "But you're supposed to...."

I was interested to see how my 3rd-graders would be today after a rough day yesterday, and I was very pleased to have them come in eagerly and pleasantly.  All of my students are writing/drawing something they're thankful for to put on posterboard in the hallway this month, and I had the 3rd-graders begin with that.  Two of them said they're thankful for me (ha! I knew I could manipulate them!)  :)  and one said when he was done, "Miss Kerri, I drew a bra on your head."  Shocked silence for a moment from me and the other 3 boys.  "You drew a what on my head?" I asked.  "A bra."  "A bra?!" (Giggles now from the other boys.)  "Yes, a bra."  "A bra? Why did you draw a bra on my head?"  "A bra! I drew you a bra."  "A braaaaa?" (enunciating the phonetics, always teaching...)  "Yes, a bra!  That thing girls put in their hair and tie up!  What is going on?!!!" (boys laughing now)  I said, "Do you mean a b-o-w?" and held up a picture of one we happened to have on the wall.  "Yes, that thing. What's a bra?"  "Ask your mother," I said.  One boy said, "I'll tell him," and went and whispered into the 1st boy's ear.  1st boy's response: "OOOOHHH! WHOA!!! YUCK!!! No no no no no no no....!"

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