Saturday, April 24, 2010

the joke's on me 03/30/10

There's got to be something to this beyond random circumstance....I'm reading (and loving) An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor.  She relates an anecdote of when she commented on the pictures in a church's stained-glass windows and the fact that Jesus had no body hair in them and shocked a very well-dressed, well-put-together woman.  I re-read that passage this a.m., then went to work.  I wore a long-sleeved eyelet shirt over a tank top.  One of my 2nd-graders asked me if the tank top was my pajamas.  I said no, it's a tank top, see, and pulled my outer shirt away from my shoulder so she could see the tank top strap (which was plenty wide enough and within school guidelines - really!).  She immediately yells, "Eww, you have hair on your underarms!"  I checked later to see how much of a sex/puberty education I had given them, and I had just shaved yesterday!!!  There was hardly anything there!  Dear Lord, please don't let these kids tell their parents what they do in my class....

This a.m. I was getting food at a Dillon's salad bar and the guy working there said I was his neatest customer.  I was confused for a second because we'd never met, then I realized he meant tidy, not cool.  :)  I laughed and said my parents would be so proud, then I called and left a message on Mom & Dad's phone, laughingly telling them what a good, well-trained girl I was.  Then I showed my underarm hair to 2nd-graders and later committed 2 traffic violations.  I must really crack God up.

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