Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm on the market 04/15/10

S, one of my 2nd-graders, has been asking me the past 2-3 weeks to give her a picture of me.  I kept putting her off, hoping she'd forget, but she didn't, so the other day I gave her one of me at J&A's house, B. on my lap, he and I are looking at my dominoes and Z. is next to us with his dominoes.  I assumed she was going to make me a card or something.  She never said what she was going to do.  Today, her classroom teacher told me she had put my pic on paper and drew a circle around it with lines coming from the center, like spokes on a wheel, and each line had a word or phrase:

"Miss Kerri"
blah blah - I can't remember the others except:
"41 years old"
"needs a husband"

Now I'm waiting to see copies of the flyer posted all over school.

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