Saturday, July 3, 2010

cicada 1, Oliver 0

We just had a pre-dawn potty run, and Ollie startled a cicada that was hanging out on the porch.  It buzzed and flew along the porch surface and startled O. back.  Ollie's curiosity was peaked.  He kept following the cicada, which kept buzzing and staying low.  Every time the cicada would stop, Ollie would try to sniff it again and figure out what it was and stirred up the insect again, and the insect buzzed and flew and startled Ollie again.  Finally, the cicada flew higher, and then began dive bombing Oliver, who ducked, blinked, and wondered what he'd gotten himself into for several seconds.  Then the cicada flew out of range.  Oliver looked for it but couldn't find it, so he peed on a weed, secure once again in his doggie masculinity.

(Is this even interesting to anyone besides Ollie's amused Mama?)

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