Monday, July 26, 2010

fun with grandpa - 07/26/10

Today I unwrapped the plastic wrapper off of something and handed the wrapper to Grandpa, saying, "Happy birthday."

"What's this for?"
"It's your birthday present."
"Can I throw it away?"
Grandpa whispered to the plastic as he moved it to the trash can, "Shh, don't tell."
I say in a high, plastic wrapper voice, "No, no!  Don't throw me away!"
"Uh oh, I dropped it." (into the trash)

Today our favorite hospice nurse came to do Grandpa's bath, and she brought lemon pudding she'd made for him and a set of Bonanza DVDs.  We returned the favor by hiding a rubber snake under Grandpa's clothes that she changes him into.  She made a big, good-natured stink about it, then Grandpa totally ratted on me and said it was all my idea!  He gave final approval!  The traitor just didn't want to lose his lemon pudding.

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