Wednesday, August 4, 2010

fun with Grandpa - 08/04/10

Have you seen the Jimmy Dean sausage biscuit commercial where people dressed as planets can't orbit the sun until they've had their JD?  They look like they're wearing big balloons.  The other day, Gpa said, "I wish I had a pin so I could stick them and make them go 'pop'."  He's not a grumpy old man, just a funny one.

Today as I was leaving I called down the stairs, "Bye, Grandpa!"  He replied with a weak, suspiciously fake, "Ohhhh..."  I called, "See you Friday!"  Another weak, this time obviously fake "Ohhhhh..."  I went downstairs and when he saw me he jumped and said, "Oh!" in his normal voice, then said in a baby voice, "But what about my feet?  You're going to leave my feet up?" (the recliner was extended).  Gpa is perfectly capable of lowering his feet himself with a little effort, or of asking Mom (who was home) to do it for him.  "Oh, you poor thing,"  I said in a similar baby voice, and lowered his feet.  Then I said in my regular tone, "You're pitiful."
"You mean handsome."
"I mean manipulative."

Earlier he'd said, "I scared myself this morning."
"How?" I asked.
"I looked in the mirror."
"Yeah, that'd scare me too if I were you."
"Ker-ri!" he scolded and laughed at the same time.

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