Friday, August 27, 2010

milestones of the day - 08/27/10

biggest temptation:  move to Scotland to be a sheep-shearer - apparently they're running low - Chester's a herding dog from Wales, I have some Scottish blood, and I'd love to live there; it's perfect - unfortunately, they want experienced workers - I don't think watching a sheep get sheared once when I was a Girl Scout would count, and Grandpa's too bald for me to practice on him

biggest joy:  watching 3-year-old Ben jump into the pool and swim to the stairs all by himself - WOW!!!  also:  Ben's huge smile and delight with his new skill

biggest personal achievement:  showed the most leg hair I ever have in public - I'll let you fill in the details - my mom would be so proud - ooh, I wonder if this would count as shearing practice...

Remember:  the preferred term is "quirky."

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