Saturday, August 7, 2010

old dog, new trick

Yesterday I jumped into the deep end of a pool by myself for the first time ever.  My niece and nephew and sis-in-law and mom good-naturedly watched and encouraged and praised me.  (Okay, niece and nephew were a bit underwhelmed, but I was glad they were there.)  I learned how to swim about 4 years ago - actually, when I showed the instructor at the Y what I could do, she said I could already swim, I just didn't have any technique.  I still move around in the pool a bit like a penguin with only one flipper, but I discovered I love to swim and wasn't afraid of the water anymore.  Later, I figured out how to tread water in a water aerobics class.  I had a brief moment of fear yesterday as I sunk into the water after the jump and didn't have anything to hold onto, but I made it.  Yeah!  :)

My next goal (hopefully will do this summer) is to jump off a diving board.  I'm hoping my friend Sam can help me with that.  The only time I've ever jumped off a board was in swimming lessons when I was 7, and I was so scared I held onto a pole with the instructors on the other end when I jumped, then literally climbed up the pole in a panic after I hit the water.  Not exactly great diving technique, but I think I showed real promise as Spiderwoman.

I wonder what I'll do next?  What will you do?

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