Thursday, August 19, 2010

life 08/19/10

Okay, I've got to get back into writing here more often.  I got lost in the egotistical everything-I-post-has-to-be-Pulitzer-Prize-quality, and I forgot how much it helps me just to get stuff down.

Chester's discovered that he loves cicadas.  They make a great bedtime snack.  He races to the back door when it's time to "go potty" and, at night, noses out the poor, minding-my-own-business creatures, wagging his tail as they buzz buzz buzz before he goes crunch crunch crunch.  Unfortunately for Chester, they're onto him now, and there haven't been any by the door for several days, though you can hear them in the yard.  On one of the first days he did this, I was fascinated to see the cicadas act as a community - he was going after a few on the porch, so several others came down off the house and dive bombed him, trying desperately to save their own.  But Chester's jaws were too much for them, and it ended up being a kamikaze mission.

Was blessed last week while walking the dogs and heard a shouted "Hello!"  Turned to see a neighbor girl we've met waving and smiling at us.

Was setting up Grandpa's birthday cards last week and, on the last one, knocked down a bunch of them in the middle - they went down like dominoes.  I looked at Grandpa, and he cracked up.  When I pulled my hand back to begin picking them up, I knocked down more.  Gpa loved it.

Gpa also got a big kick out of the whipped cream spitting out of the can all over my shirt.  It'd happened before, so this time I just walked over to Gpa and showed him my shirt, smiling but not saying anything.  He cracked up again, and when I told him it was all over the counter too, he said, "Maybe I should tell your mother about this."  (That I'm a klutz.)  She already knows.

Enjoyed a bubbles fight with Gpa - our favorite lady from hospice gave them to him for his b-day (along with a remote-control car that he likes to crash into people).  At one point he said, "You've got the advantage because you're higher."  (I was standing, he was sitting in his chair.)  I considered the odds even, though, since I was getting more of his spit on me than actual bubbles.  On Monday, the hospice lady said Grandpa asked her, "Bring more bubbles."

The other day Grandpa pointed to several wooden models we had put together, and said, "If you drove that sports car you'd probably crash into the helicopter" (which was next to it).  I picked up the car and crashed it into him.  One of my (and other family members') frequent "chores" is to put things where Grandpa wants them and arrange them to his liking.  The day after the "car crash" he pointed to the models again and said, "The sports car is too close to the old car" (Model T or A).  I turned to look, and the cars were as far apart from each other as they could get, brushing up against the models on either side of them.  When I turned back to look at Grandpa, he had a big grin on his face.  I (gently) hit him in the head with a pillow.

I was cutting out a newspaper article for Gpa to save recently, when he said, "Your Royals beat my Yankees."  Once I recovered from the shock, I cheered.  "I knew you'd do that," he said.  I said, "We should cut out and save the article about the baseball game, too!"  "Phooey!" was his response.

Still getting used to the idea of moving and finding other arrangements for the dogs.  Some days it's hard to even begin to think about, on others I know I need to do it.  Who knows what'll happen - I need to stop worrying.

Praying for people all over the world who are homeless, foodless, sick, etc. due to natural disasters or other circumstances.  Praying for them to have peace and strength, and the things they need.  Giving thanks for my own circumstances.

Ps. 23, NJB:
Yahweh is my (our) shepherd, we lack nothing.
In grassy meadows he lets us lie.
By tranquil streams he leads us to restore our spirit.
He guides us in paths of saving justice as befits his name.
Even were we to walk in a ravine as dark as death we should fear no danger, for you are at our side.
Your staff and your crook are there to soothe us.
You prepare a table for us under the eyes of our enemies;
you anoint our heads with oil; our cups brim over.
Kindness and faithful love pursue us every day of our lives.
We make our home in the house of Yahweh for all time to come.

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