Sunday, August 8, 2010

the retreat - day 6 - Jan. 13, 2008 - Moses' call

From journal:

Exodus 3:1-10 - call of Moses
Who he was before the call:  shepherd+, born in secret, Jewish, raised in Pharaoh's house during the Israelites' slavery in Egypt, at 40 years old moved to Midian and lived in father-in-law's household for 40 years, had connections, history, experience with the Egyptian royal court

Nature of call:  drawn by his curiosity to the burning bush - God knew him, had made him, and knew how to get Moses' attention
- God called his name
- "Here I am."
- keep your distance, take off your shoes - holiness
- God identified himself to Moses as the God of his forefathers
- Moses hid his face, afraid to look at God (but later asks to see God's face) - no question of Moses' belief
- God does not say, yet, do not fear - fear in the presence of his holiness is appropriate
- God explains and proposes covenant - go and rescue my people - I know what is happening to them and I am concerned about them - I have come to rescue them and bring them out of Egypt into the land I promised they would have - I am sending you to do this

Moses' response:  "Who am I..." that I should do this incredible thing??? (400 years of slavery - twice the age of the USA)

God's response:  "I will be with you."  God doesn't affirm Moses' abilities, just promises to be with him.

Moses:  "Suppose...God of your fathers...What is your name?"

God:  I am/I will be what I am/will be - first time for the Israelites to know him as Yahweh? - gives further instructions

Moses:  "What if...?"

God:  I'll give signs/miracles to prove who I am - staff, hand, water/blood

Moses:  Oh Lord, I can't do this, I can't speak well.

God:  Who made you?!  I will help you, and I will teach you.

Moses:  "Oh Lord, please send someone else...."

God:  his anger burned, I'll send your brother Aaron with you - he can speak well, and I will help both of you to speak and teach you what to do.

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