Monday, May 9, 2011

befuddlement with grandpa

Poor Grandpa.  He wants so little, and he gets exactly what he asks for.  Today he wanted to trim a fingernail but was having trouble getting a small bit on the end smoothed out.  The nail was very short, so I was reluctant to try cutting it any further.  I am a klutz and a ditz; fortunately, I know that much.  I was sure I'd hurt Grandpa if I tried to cut the nail.  I explained this to him, and he continued to work with his clippers and file - one set of several that he keeps in a small box.  The Andy Griffith Show was playing loudly on the TV, I was "working" online, and Grandpa mumbled at me (or so it seemed):

Grandpa:  (mumble mumble)
Me:  "Huh?"
(mumble mumble)
I got up and moved to his side:  "What?"
(my laughter) "It's to take care of you without hurting you!"
"I'm afraid of hurting you if I try to trim your nail."
Grandpa shook his head.  "Yeah, but what do you do with your kids (students)?  Are you tutoring now?"
"Oh!  Yes."
"Would they like to have any of my clippers?"
"No thank you, I'm afraid they'd hurt themselves."
Grandpa smiled and nodded, and a look of "Thank goodness she finally got it.  Good grief!" passed over his face.  I'm going to get us matching "Huh?" t-shirts.

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