Friday, May 13, 2011


Today (Thursday) is my stupid-little-brother-with-a-doctorate's birthday, so I think this would be the perfect time to whip out my evidence of his destruction of my birthday cake when I turned 8.  (OMG, my nephew is turning 8 this summer!  Where does the time go?)  Wait, I've counted, checked, and double-checked, and there seem to be only 7 candles on that cake - I could've sworn this was when I was in 2nd grade...oh, brother must have stolen one.  Do you see the huge hole he dug out of the cake?  It's right there, the highest corner of the cake in the picture!  Come on!  Well, Stephanie feels my pain.

Happy Birthday, SLBWAD.  I hope it's great!

This is brother and I (and his snot mustache - or maybe it's Silly Putty) with Old Papa, our great-grandfather.  Brother gave him that name, and it stuck.  Now my 2nd cousins call my grandpa Old Papa.  Old Papa called my brother "Peanut."
Peanut's wife does, too.


  1. it. Great blog! Happy birthday to Peanut :)

  2. Thanks, Sylvia. And don't you mean, Kerri, that "Old Papa gave him that name"?