Friday, May 13, 2011

you know...

You know it's not going to be one of your better days when:

- on the way to your car, you drop your pants.  No, no, the extra pair you're carrying.  And did I mention it's raining outside, so they get all wet?  And that they're dressy pants, not roll-around-on-the-dirty-wet-driveway-pants?

- at the gas station the wind is so high it blows your gas cap off your car trunk while you're in the store getting comfort food.

- as you look high and low for your gas cap, a note you're holding onto blows out of your hand.  Why you were carrying the note in the first place, since you didn't need it to get gas, is a mystery.  But it's your lucky day, and the note doesn't blow away because a big, wet puddle catches it.  Yay, wet note with smeared reminders.

- you find your gas cap under the car, and you pull up a bit so you can retrieve it.  As you bend over, a large pickup truck pulls in behind you and nearly rear-ends you, literally.

- you get kicked out of an online group because you didn't quite play by the rules.  Yeah, I know, it was a consequence I that I chose to risk, but it still makes me cranky.

- your grandfather finishes his lunch and bangs his cup on the TV tray, yelling, "I'm done!" then, when you don't budge in the next second (I swear only a second passed) he bangs the cup harder, "I'M DONE!!!"



  1. He looks like my Yorkie when he comes out from having a bath! You would think we were killing him or something! I stopped by from the blog hop and am now following thru GFC and Networked blogs. I did not see Facebook or Twitter or I would have followed those also. Let me know if you need me to come back. I would greatly appreciate a follow back on my blog when you get a moment. Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. omg you are too funny. I only wish the entire morning could have been video taped..especially the truck incident.
    so how'd you get kicked out you rebel...I want to hear more about that!!!
    nice post you made me laugh out loud

  3. I'm curious about this online group you got kicked out of. Are you going to post about that?

    I hope you have a better weekend!