Friday, June 24, 2011

friday four fill-in

I enjoy Feeling Beachie's fill-ins; the questions are interesting and go beyond the "What is your favorite ---?" rut.  This week's statements:

1. If you would have ever told me years ago that I now would be renting one room in a relative's home instead of living on my own I would never have believed you.  And that's soon to change...

2. Coke! is my beverage of choice.

3. The last time I got a tattoo was... 3 years ago?  It's the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, which represent God to me - the first and the last, my source and goal.  I wanted the letters smaller and closer to the inside of my wrist, just as a message to myself about what I live for, but the tattoo guy had a problem with jackhammering it right over my vein....  Now I feel a bit like a Wonder Twin - activate!

4. Travel the world is one of the items on my bucket list.  Right after "marry rich."


  1. Hah! LOVE your bucket list! :D

  2. Thanks for joining my hop this week Kerri! I haven't had a real coke in years... you have made me in the mood for one!

  3. Kerri,
    I LOVE your answers....come check out mine!