Thursday, June 2, 2011

goofiness with Grandpa

Somebody ate his (Cream of) Wheaties this morning:

Grandpa: "You know what?"
me: "No, what?"
"That's what I'm wondering. I don't know what either."

Grandpa doing his word search puzzle: "'Payroll.' I can pay you now. I found the payroll."
me: "It's about time!"
(fake pitiful voice): "Well I'm sorry, I looked and looked and looked..."

Grandpa, looking at high school girls' soccer honorees in the paper: "I can't find you...where's your picture?"
me: "Huh?"
"You're not in here."
"Imagine that!"
(Grandpa giggling): "I'm so disappointed!"

1 comment:

  1. How did I miss this one?! Love it! Especially number one!

    I wish my grandma and I had sweet moments like this still. Dementia makes her cranky! And the women in my family are already default cranks!

    But enough about me. Reading your caregiving posts and you and your grandpa reminds me of the wonderful relationship I had with mine. I miss him. **sniff**

    P.S. Wait, that was still about me.