Sunday, June 12, 2011

panning for gold

Here I am again.  Third time’s a charm?  I hope so.  My shoes are killing me.  Oh no – did I remember to cut the tag off of this dress?  Will I find anyone worth a second look?  Hang on; who’s that?!  Oh, he’s the moderator…aaand…yep - he’s married.  Of course.  Oh terrific – Jay’s here again.  I sense a desperate need for a bathroom break coming on right about the time he reaches my table…and here we go……yikes.  Does this guy dress like that all the time?  What was his name again?  Oh good, there’s the bell; time to meet someone new……Come again?  You sell custom-made socks?  And you’re wearing a pair now- oh.  Okay.  Yes, they look very comfortable and stylish; maybe you should take your leg off the table now…thank God, the bell……this one doesn’t look too ba- hey buddy, my eyes are up here……I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mole quite like that before…...this guy, on the other hand, should date a mirror.  He’s been talking about himself for five minutes!  And again the bell.  Surely in this stream of testosterone flowing past me there’s at least one hunk I could take home……oh, here’s Jay…I wonder if I should get my hair cut?  Maybe shoulder-length with some bangs?  Molly got her hair cut like that and it’s really cute…I wonder where she had it done…maybe– what?  Time’s up already?  So long, Jay……EUREKA!  Who’s this Adonis?  And why on earth is he speed dating when he could be- wait, what?  Did he just say he lives with his mother?......Haven’t I talked to this guy already?……Do I look like I’d want to play World of Warcraft with you?.…. Is it over?  I guess so.

Sigh.  Another bust.

This week my Indie Ink challenge, "panning for gold," came from an artist named Amy at 3 to 9 Travels.  Go check her out!  I challenged Mare at Destiny is Deafening with, "A stranger approaches you on the street and says, 'I had to do it; I had no choice.  Help me!'  Be sure to read what she makes of it!


  1. This was an interesting post ~ LOL ~ very creative ~

  2. Love what you came up with, actually laughed out loud, earned a WTH gaze from the hubs :) Good work!

  3. Haha, this was great - Very cute and funny!! I never would have thought this one up for the prompt. Good job!