Friday, April 22, 2011

anglican prayer beads and project 52 update

I called them Orthodox prayer beads in my list of Project 52 goals; these are actually called Anglican prayer beads.  This way of prayer is new for me; I am intrigued by it.  The stone at the bottom is from Wednesday's retreat in the Flint Hills and serves as the cross.  The locket above the stone is heart-shaped, which reminds me that this is an invitation to love, not a bunch of "shoulds."

Project 52 goals completed so far:
#4 - Learn more about blogging - ongoing; I am learning!
#12 - Write a handwritten letter to R. and send it by snail mail - done today!  I don't think I would have done this yet had I not set this goal for myself and had a way to keep track of it - I guess goal-setting can work.
#16 - Spend quality time reading other blogs - ongoing.
#18 - Get rid of more stuff - I've gone through my CDs and pulled several out for the "garage sale" box - books and DVDs are next, I think.
#19 - Make prayer beads - now to use them...
#23 - Improve natural sleep patterns - I got a full, drug-free night's sleep last night, woo hoo!  I didn't sleep at all the night before, though - is that progress?

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  1. This sounds like a very fun and beneficial task ~ setting goals ~ I journal and usually do that ~ Need to set some new goals ~ thanks for the reminder ^_^