Friday, April 22, 2011

New, Nifty job skills

Last week I realized that my time with Grandpa has helped me develop some valuable new job skills to add to my resume:

- I can remove most of the pudding in a pudding cup with just one scoop!

- I can spray whipped cream on a variety of surfaces and in a variety of shapes!

- I can tell you which section of Medicaid covers prescriptions and how to get it!

- I can tell you which lawyer to call if you get in a car accident!

- According to Grandpa, I am "pretty sharp" at raising and lowering the bottom part of the recliner!

- I can name that Andy Griffith episode in 30 seconds! (Grandpa can do it in one.)


  1. Kerri,
    thanks for coming over to visit my blog....guess what when I checked this afternoon..the fourth baby had hatched...there are now four now...have a good weekend...

  2. how wonderful that you are spending time caring for your grandfather....I miss mine terribly.