Tuesday, April 26, 2011

silliness with grandpa

I tend to forget things.  Grandpa knows this and thinks it's hilarious.  I'm glad he's amused.  The other day as I gathered my things to leave, Grandpa said, "Do you have everything?"  "Yep!" I said.  "I've got it all!"  I left, then reappeared a couple of minutes later.  "What are you doing here?" Grandpa said.  "I forgot my charger," I growled with fake irritability.  "Well, I asked you if you had everything," Grandpa laughed.  "I know!" I yelled.

This morning, Grandpa said while doing his word search puzzle:  "You know, if you look at the word in the right direction, it's easy to find!"
Me:  (laugh)  "Well, why didn't you do that the first time?"
Grandpa:  "I know, I know!"

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  1. I love reading the posts about you and your Grandpa. He sounds like a great guy. :)

    tiger1i1y from swap-bot