Monday, April 4, 2011

notes to self

The other day I was taking a walk when I heard a young girl's voice call out, "Who wants to buy a (pop stand, I think)?"  It didn't really register with me until she called out again.  I love buying stuff from kids, so I turned around abruptly and walked toward them with a big grin on my face.  "Are you selling pop?" I asked as I drew closer.  The girls were roughly ages 3 and 5, and when they saw me coming toward them with a mouth full of teeth the better to eat them with, their eyes grew wide with horror and they jumped up from the table and ran into their house (the older girl remembered to grab the pop.)  One of them called for an adult (which I never saw) and they stared at me with wide eyes through the glass storm door.  I stopped at the end of their driveway, still smiling.  They cautiously stepped outside, and I said, "Are you selling pop or just pretending?"  The older girl said very quietly, "We're just pretending."

Note to self:  Even though you know that you're a fabulous person and that, in spite of looking like an adult, you really act closer to those girls' ages, they don't know that, and when a stranger walks briskly up to them with a lupine grin on her face, it might be a bit alarming.

My friend Sam was telling me about his trip to the Hutchinson Underground Salt Mine.  He loved that place.  I asked him what the coolest things about his trip were, and he said, "You go down in this thing like an elevator and you can't see anything.  It's pitch blackness...."  I asked, so that was one of the things you really liked?  Then I saw the third set of young, wide eyes I'd seen that day as he replied, "NO!  It was pitch blackness!"

Note to self:  Quit interrupting Sam's stories and pay attention!

Note to self:  Even though the "oil low" light on the dashboard looks like a genie's lamp, it's not, so stop making wishes whenever it lights up and get some oil, you dork!

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