Saturday, April 2, 2011

i like how you put that...

From Ya-Yas in Bloom by Rebecca Wells:
"The girls spun round and round and round the ice cream parlor, scarves in their hands, between their teeth, wrapped around their fingers like scarf rings.  They did not dance madly, like Mehnaz from some Greek tragedy, but like muses: graceful and ready to inspire.  The spark that lived in all of them rejoiced when they turned in circles, little whirling wild spirits, like junior priestesses of some undomesticated tribe.  They went somewhere else as they spun, into a trance of dizziness, as if they were praying.  It looked as if they were bad little girls acting like wild sprites, and some of the folks in the ice cream parlor thought them rude and uncouth, but that is only because these townspeople did not know about whirling dervishes and what happens when they dance and pray, pray and dance.  They did not know that dance can become prayer, and prayer can become dance."

From - April 2/3 download:
"How hard it is to forgive someone who has hurt us or who owes us a debt.  Yet, in this reading from the gospel of Matthew, Jesus invites us to great generosity and largeness of heart in our relationships...."  Consider "Peter's question....Jesus has told us to forgive.  Very well, but supposing someone does the same bad thing again and again; isn't there a limit?  Wouldn't seven times be enough?  Jesus, of course, didn't mean that you should be counting up through clenched teeth, so that on the 491st time you could finally take revenge....When you say your prayers today, God isn't sitting there, thinking crossly, "How dare you?  I'm still angry with you after what you did last week!"

Also love the Sight Psalms on!

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