Saturday, June 5, 2010

blogger wasteland

(In the last frame Calvin asks Hobbes if publishers demand that manuscripts be typed, and Hobbes says he wouldn't sweat it.)

Some of these posts may be better off in the blogger wasteland known as, "who cares, get over yourself!"  There's a fine line between that and sharing stories or thoughts that are meaningful to someone (besides me).  With most lines, I don't see them until I've already crossed them, so heads up.  I have discovered in these past couple of months, however, that it is very helpful for me to put this stuff down and share it.  Right now it's more helpful than journaling, because of the "publishing" aspect, I assume.  So thanks for being out there, please share or continue to share your own stories because I love them, and always feel free to click out of here and play solitaire instead.

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