Tuesday, June 15, 2010

misc. 06/14/10

Had a lot of fun with Grandpa today - joking and laughing about silly stuff, talking about various subjects.  This time with him is such a blessing.

Went cosmic bowling with friends today - thank you, Kristin, for getting me out again!  K. bowled an amazing game of over 150, her boys worked on their ball-pushing skills, and I had fun bouncing the ball back and forth off the bumpers.  Am I just old, or is having large-screen TVs covering the back wall with various channels, one playing loudly, along with all the other lights and sounds in the area and animation on the score screens just WAY too much stimulation?  Someone pass me the Valium!

The evening sunlight tonight was beautiful!  I love the Kansas sky:

The boys let me take a few pics of them hanging out and spying on the neighbors before Chester decided it was time to "turn off the camera, come inside, and give me a treat!"

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