Tuesday, June 22, 2010

choosing life 06/22/10

Again, putting the goal to walk the dogs this a.m. on yesterday's post helped get me out the door.  And what a walk - this might be in the boys' top 10.  First of all, it took us 1-2 minutes just to get out of the front yard, because Chester was in full Ferdinand mode and sniffing everything.  Finally I told him this wasn't a day trip and we moved on.  When we got to the park, we startled the ducks (we do that just by showing up - nervous types) and 2 females herded several ducklings along the bank and into the water.  "Dogs!  Waddle!"  Other males and females stood guard, and several feet up the creek, a group of 5 or 6 males didn't budge.  "Honey, could you bring me a beer?"  The boys saw and tried to chase 2 rabbits, and they startled the blue egret when they came splashing around a bend in the creek.  They got extra wet and muddy today - no lying down on this adventure, there's too much to do!  I took special delight in watching the ducklings and the egret (not their fear, their being ducklings and an egret!); the walks are always a nice time for appreciation of and communion with God.

A friend emailed pictures of her own yard - she mows around flowers, too!  She has lupines, among other things - beautiful!

Today I also enjoyed/saw earth crammed with heaven in:
- a 2-ish-year-old girl sitting on her daddy's (I assume) shoulders at QT.  At first I thought she was asleep, she was leaning against his head and looking down, then I realized she was watching him fix his coffee with that focused fascination kids can have.  It was wonderful.
- Grandpa's and my enjoyment of watching Don Knotts reunited with Andy Griffith on a "Matlock" episode - he's a huge AG fan, and DK was as funny as ever

Isn't it hard when people misunderstand you and/or are angry with you, and you can't change their minds, and you have to let it go?  I really have a hard time with that.  But it's happening to me now, and I sense that, at least for now, I've done what I can except continue to pray for the people involved and let go of my desire for their understanding.  Ugh.  I hate this.  But I'm praying that I'll find God in the midst of this and remain with him.  I'm sure there's something I can learn from it all, too.

Goals for choosing life tomorrow:
walk dogs
be present, enjoy time with Grandpa
refuse to get caught up in the drama in my head and emotions re: the misunderstanding - remain with God

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