Monday, June 21, 2010

fun with grandpa and misc. - 06/21/10

I have finally convinced Grandpa to turn the TV up as loud as he wants it and quit worrying about bothering me.  Today he turned it up and asked me, "Is that too loud?"  "WHAT??" I joked.  "I-" then he shook his head and laughed.  The man is quick.

Twice today when I said I was going upstairs he said, "Do you know the way?"  The second time I said, "If I get lost I'll yell for you - Grandpa, help!"  "Call 911!" he said.  I sure am going to miss this man - for a season, anyway.

Silliest thing I saw today:  man with leafblower (enough said?) walking on a curb into the wind, so that all the grass cuttings were blowing up and into his face.

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