Friday, June 25, 2010

choosing life 6/25/10

Celebrating the birth of a new second cousin (is that what cousins' kids are?) yesterday, Mom's birth 29+ years ago today :), the completion of yesterday's housework, and the return of Ozzy!

Ozzy is/was the neighbors' cat, but they generously shared him with the rest of the neighborhood.  Then they moved and left him behind.  That was okay, though, because Ozzy's an excellent mouser and I appreciated his services last year.  He was a frequent visitor for several months (funny how cats will do that when you feed them) then he disappeared for a while.  I saw him twice a few weeks ago, and he refused to come to me.  I figured he'd lost out on some territorial fight with the other neighborhood cats, and my house was out-of-limits.  But this a.m. he was there in the driveway again to greet me as I came out the door and accepted a belly rub.  The boys and I are glad to have you back, Oz!

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