Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grandpa 06/16/10

Me, arriving at Mom and Dad's house and greeting Grandpa:  "Good morning, Grandpa!  How are you today?"

Grandpa, jokingly:  "Mean!"

Me:  "Good!  I need some practice being mean back!"

Grandpa and me:  giggles

Grandpa told me a couple more memories today.  His father proposed to his mother, who was a schoolteacher, by writing the proposal on the chalkboard in her classroom/schoolhouse.  Awww!

One time, after Grandpa was born, his mother traveled to Boston to attend some type of national gathering for their church.  Their church had asked her to go, and Grandpa's dad didn't enjoy traveling, so Great-Grandma went alone.  Woman power!  :)

Sometimes Grandpa asks me questions out of the blue, things he's been wondering.  Today's question was, "How long can (scuba) divers stay under water?"  I have no idea where that came from!

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