Thursday, June 24, 2010

choosing life 6/24/10

They boys actually gave me until 6:24 this a.m. before we walked, at which point I could no longer resist what I call the Tibetan Stare of Death.  It is a practice I believe Oliver inherited from his ancestors (his breed originated in Tibet) who learned the Stare from the monks there, and passed it down to future generations.  I have never seen a dog who is able to stare so intently, for so long, without blinking.  He can literally make me squirm.  When I block him with a book or something, he moves to a place where he can see my eyes again.  So we walked!

I did NOT do the laundry or the dishes yesterday, so I AM going to go take care of them now.  (But you see how I came to the computer first?)  Okay, Ferdinand, time to do some work.

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