Saturday, June 19, 2010

choosing life 06/19/10

Just finished mowing my front yard, except for a little patch on the side.  The mower quit before I did.  But I did it!  I also changed the boys' pool water before I mowed - since that's my usual practice, it counts, even though I had a goal to do it yesterday.  :) 

I have been pleasantly surprised at how helpful this goal-setting and blogging has been for me.  Last night I looked at my bills and thought about putting off that task - choosing death.  But then I thought, no, I don't want to live like that anymore, and that thought/desire plus the accountability of the blog helped me get them done.  Hopefully, this system will remain meaningful and helpful to me for a while (therefore I'll keep it up).

I just realized I have little sunburn blisters on my upper arms.  It's a good thing the mower quit.  There's that synchronicity in life again.

Yesterday I met three of my new neighbors, kids roughly ages 3, 4, and 5.  We chatted for a while and they petted the dogs.  This a.m. while I was mowing, the kids came out on their front porch to say hi to me.  I smiled and waved, but kept going; I was close to the end and tired.  Their mother came out to call them back in, and at first I chose death - I turned my back on her and kept mowing.  Then I changed my mind, stopped the mower, and introduced myself.  We had a short chat and I learned she has 5 kids total. (!)  I just realized that I told her if she ever needs anything, let me know - but I didn't tell her I don't babysit.  Oops.

When I mowed the rest of my back yard (mostly) a week or two ago, I decided to leave some of the plants I like with the little white flowers all over them.  So the yard behind the shed has short grass with a few tall plants sticking up here and there.  Looks a bit weird, but I like the compromise.  Yesterday, when I was chatting with my new neighbors, the 5-ish-year-old boy said he'd see me tomorrow, and I said you probably will, since I'm going to mow tomorrow.  "Be careful not to mow down those trees," he said, pointing to my tall "weeds."  He gets it!

Other ways I've chosen life today:
- Opened the door when the census worker knocked and gave her my information (I know, I'm a bad citizen).  For the last year-ish I've been ignoring anyone who knocked and had no car or a car I didn't recognize.  Partially for safety and partially because I'm a recluse.  But I'm glad I opened the door and interacted with her today.
- Opened the door a second time for the census worker and told her what I knew about people across the street.
- Well, I've done it now...I just opened the door for a 3rd time, and there were 4 kids selling lemonade.  I'm a big sucker for kids selling stuff.  I was on the phone (ignored the first knock but they persisted), so I gestured for them to wait and got my wallet.  Of course, the only money I had was a $20 bill, and I didn't want to interrupt my call to negotiate change, so I just made 4 kids' day (and a bit of my own).
- Hey - I answered the phone!

Goals for the day:
- I was going to mow my back yard, too, but it's getting HOT out there, so I'll settle happily for the front yard being done.
- continue laundry (yes, it's been a while)

I think that'll do for today.

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