Saturday, June 5, 2010

misc. 06/05/10

Dumbest thing I saw today:  a man standing at the end of his driveway blowing dirt from the driveway into the street with a leaf blower.  It wasn't even a lot of dirt.  Ever hear of WIND?  In Kansas?!  Or if it really bothers you, get a broom.  I am still bewildered by the existence of these machines.  A small part of me hopes the wind blows...hang on...east today and puts all that dirt right back in his driveway.  On the other hand, I once spent over an hour trying to inflate a pool rim with a bicycle pump, so I shouldn't judge.

Funniest thing I saw today:  a big guy get into on of those tiny cars they have in the Wii commercials with a bumper sticker that said:  "Compensating."

Worst thing I saw today:  Chester getting his jaws on a baby rabbit and getting ready to have a snack before I dragged him away (which he was NOT happy about - but I'm okay).  I think the rabbit was okay too, just scared.  I wish there was a way to tell the rabbits that when they squeal when they're scared they sound just like a squeaky toy, which is not a good survival tactic when it comes to Chester.  And isn't a rabbit squeal, especially a baby rabbit squeal, one of the worst sounds ever?

Best thing I saw today:  my friends Kristin and Doug, who talked with me and prayed with me and are always there for me.  I know - I've checked.

Second-best thing I saw today:  the boys enjoying their pool again - woo hoo! This particular pool only cost me $10 and the only set-up involved was when I got the thing to my car after I'd bought it and said, "Oops..." Hadn't planned on how I was going to get the thing home. Fortunately, it's bendy.

What's that last picture?  Oh, that's my lens cap.  "I've followed all the directions, why can't I see anything?"  I swear I have not always been this much of a ditz.

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