Friday, June 18, 2010

choosing life 06/18/10

I accomplished all of my housekeeping/choosing life goals yesterday - woo hoo!  I even began an archeological dig on my kitchen table, sorting or tossing various papers.  This (blogging, setting goals) does help.

Today I chose and enjoyed life by:
- delighting in the way the sunlight hit the trees early this a.m.
- taking the dogs on a walk and:  laughing at them for the millionth time when they walked right past a rabbit (they LOVE chasing rabbits) - their sense of smell is usually amazing, but their eyesight...not so much; watching the blue egret; waving to a neighbor; letting the dogs wade and lie down in the small creek in the park - they initiated this routine - Chester pulled me toward the water one day and surprised me by jumping in - Oliver was more hesitant, but is now a full convert - Oliver likes to also chase the ducks in the creek, which means he moves as fast as he can in the creek and I jog along the bank, praying not to fall in (it's bound to happen someday) - I'd love to take a picture of the boys in the creek, but right now with the leash management, bank running, and occasional tree hugging, I think that would certainly lead to disaster - maybe I can take someone with me; I also chose life (but the dogs didn't enjoy it) when we got home from the walk and I hosed them down - they love lying in the creek and pool, but for some reason they object to my sticking a hose around and under them and "bideting" them - they know this routine, so when we get to the back gate I unhook Chester and he runs to the pool and jumps in, and Oliver pulls back on the leash and has to be dragged into the back yard and to the hose - good times!
- having fun, as usual, with Grandpa - when I left I said, "See ya' later."  He said, "Alligator."  Then we did the crocodile one, then he did one I'd forgotten about, "See you soon, baboon."  I parted with a "Stay loose, mongoose," and "Stay perky, turkey," and left him working on some new ones of his own
- finally went shopping for some items I've needed for a while
- apparently the theme for the day is greeting/saying goodbye to people - I waved at the neighbor, then when I left for Grandpa's I initially ignored the trash guy emptying my bin, but then chose to look at him and wave a "thanks" - my 3rd wave was not so friendly; I was in traffic at a red light and I'd left a space in front of me for a guy to pull into when he had a chance.  The guy behind me got tired of waiting (the light was still red) so he honked, and I ignored him.  Apparently, he had a critical need to be 15-20 feet ahead of where he was, because he honked again.  I gave him a curt, "Back off and wait!" wave.  (I used all 5 fingers.)  (At the same time.)  Several minutes later, I was able to pray that he would have peace.  As with my delight in nature, my interactions with people are also a way to commune with God and to love.

Goals for today:
more laundry
finish June bills
clean & refill the dogs' pool

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