Monday, June 28, 2010

choosing life and Grandpa 06/28/10

When I left the house today to walk the dogs, I realized I'd forgotten my glasses (I don't need them in the house.)  So I walked a little bit more by faith today, but was also pleased to notice things through my senses of hearing and smell that I'd missed before:  the smell of lilacs in a neighbor's yard, the sound of a sprinkler, the sound of squirrels scrambling through a tree and the tree's rustle of the leaves.

The hospice chaplain came to visit Grandpa today, and while he was there Gpa told him that his church's pastor was going to visit today, too.  I said, "You'll be all religioned up after today, Grandpa!"  The poor chaplain didn't quite know how to take that.  Grandpa really appreciated the time and the prayers with both men (and the pastor's wife).  He also enjoyed showing off his new great-grandson!

Further life choices for today...I'm drawing a blank...I guess that's it!  :)

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