Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ahh, the teenage years...

I've been looking through my old journals for stories about students or anything that might be interesting to post.  Not sure if the stuff below qualifies, but it made me laugh - so boy crazy, so everything-that-happens-to-me-is-critical (still haven't outgrown that one), so young.  And we see a glimpse of my klutzy side...

9/23/84 - T. hasn't written back yet (I wrote him over a month ago), so I'm pretty sure he never will.  I'm not going to write again...I'll probably never hear from him again.  It sure is boring not having someone to like.  I just can't believe that after he was so sweet that week (in the summer) that he'd just drop me (although my letter was pretty stupid).

10-6-84 - I like A. again.

1-17-85 - A. and I never did go out so I told D. (a girl) I was just going to stop thinking about it and go after someone else.

Tuesday I drove by myself for the 1st time - C. and I went to McD's.  I almost had an accident in the parking lot (I pushed the accelerator instead of the brake), otherwise I did okay.

4-9-85 - Many things have happened since I last wrote.  I drive like a normal person now.  I don't like G. at all anymore.  I think I like D. (a boy) now, at least, I sure wouldn't mind going out with him.  I'm mad at A....I saw him last Sun. and just said "hi" and left....I hope I gave him something to think about.

1-20-86 - We're back at --- Church - the only problem is there aren't many people my age....One guy seems like the guy I've always wanted.  One problem:  he's practically engaged to this other girl.  (And he eventually married her!)

...(summer) camp was so awesome (I hate that word)....If I can't go back next year I'll die.

1-22-86 - Mom & Dad are letting me go to Europe or somewhere else this summer for that Teen Missions team.  I'm in shock.  I don't know if I want to go though, it's a lot of hard work and as far as I know I'll go alone - I'd be gone for 2 months.  So far I'm thinking of Switzerland or France.  I'm trusting the Lord to take care of it so I know whatever happens will be the best.

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